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every year. >> a medical mystery. she's an active healthy young woman but she cries tears of blood. also, topper has got a busy forecast. a cold front and summer heat both on the way. this is 9news now. a popular neighbor found dead on her doorstep. was it some kind of bizarre accident. >> or could she have been running for her life? tonight anxious neighbors have a lot of unanswered questions. brittany morehouse picks up the story and joins us live from greenbelt. brittany. >> reporter: anita, this is one of those stories where it just goes to show you don't have to know someone's name to really feel like you know someone. all of the young people in this apartment building off greenbelt road which is right near the nasa building talk about this woman who was killed found dead outside her old doorstep. she apparently was coming back here today to collect some belongings. >> it's sad because i knew her. she lived around here for a long time. >> reporter: no name, no picture. people who knew the woman found dead outside her old apartment
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are remembering her with fondness. she was especially sweet, they say, to young people. >> it's scary. in a neighborhood like this. especially when you have kids. this is some scary things. >> reporter: many people were frightened when they saw the woman hanging outside of the apartment complex. they say she was lying down in the ground in a pool of blood. >> it looked like she probably fainted and one hand was out like halfway like where the doors are. >> reporter: police will say very little about the woman, except that she was in her 40s and suffered some blunt trauma. but the friends she made describe her first as a proud grandmother who was so excited to have just bought her first home. >> that's all she talked about. >> she was going to get a house. >> she's moving. >> ya. >> i was about to get a room for my grand baby. her grand baby was her room. >> two or three bedroom. >> yes. >> now your granddaughter. >> reporter: now rumors are circulating that when she came back to collect some belongings, she may have run into someone up
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to no good. >> whoever was staying at her place, she went into their face so that's why they did what they did to her. >> reporter: with a killer on the loose, they now vow to not pipe clean the memory of a good neighbor while maintenance men have already wiped the walls clean of her murder. >> she was sweet. everybody knew her daughter. >> reporter: we telephoned police tonight numerous times to try to get some more information. was she shot to death. all of that is still unclear. they also have made no arrests tonight. reporting live in greenbelt, brittany morehouse, 9news now. new at 11:00, the last ditch effort to save the life of the only woman on virginia death row has come up short. tonight the u.s. supreme court denied a stay of execution for teresa lewis, the woman now set to be the first woman executed in the state in nearly 100 years. she was convicted of kron spiring with two men -- conspireing with two men to carry out the murder of her
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husband and stepson. that execution scheduled for the day after tomorrow. right now police are looking for a young man wanted in an attack behind a day-care center. a 15-year-old and another young man stabbed and robbed a man near the kc cantbury shopping center. a woman saw what was happening and started honking her horn. the area is familiar to the suspect. >> he does attend one of the local schools here and he should have been in the school. and i believe he does live in the apartment complex behind this shopping center. >> you just walk around the streets without someone harassing you or beating you up. >> the 59-year-old victim was doing property assessment and taking pictures when the attack happened. he is expected to recover. we just checked and charges have not been filed in a deadly
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bike accident. natasha pettigrew died this mother. the driver admits she hit pettigrew but thought she hit an animal. she saw the suv stop and then drive away with the bicycle wedged underneath and sparks flying in all directions. >> i came back up with that tach a. 911 -- natasha. 911 was called. i told her everything was going to be okay. someone was on the way. i told her to continue to breathe. >> i made the decision not to resuscitate when her heart failed. she would not want to have lived in a vegetative state not being the kind of person she was. >> police think the investigation could take several more weeks as they sort all this out. pettigrew was the green party candidate challenging u.s. senator barbara mcculskey this fall. things got crazy today out at one prince george's county high school.
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>> it was a whole lot of people. it was like a group fight. a whole lot of people fighting. >> police say it all started with a mom showing up at school looking to settle a score with somebody that she thought had attacked her daughter. well, it ended in a melee and with the cops making at least ten arrests. now, exactly how this all went down, we're not sure. but it did force the school to go on lockdown and both prince george's county deputies and police officers had to respond. >> the two girls were fighting. and the parent had came up to the school. >> a girl, she walked into the lower door of the cafeteria, hit somebody with her shoe. >> the only good news is nobody was seriously hurt. well, tonight the u.s. senate has blocked an effort to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military. >> neighs are 56. >> they were counting on the republicans to break ranks and support the bill but she changed her mind at the last minute.
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another set back, repealing don't ask, don't tell during war time would be a distraction. >> you do not support the statute change; is that correct. >> i do not. i don't know yet what the impact on recruiting in our combat ring is. >> democratic strat gists are calling this a train wreck. it could be even tougher for president obama to get rid of the ban on gays down the road. an estimated 13,000 service members have been discharged under that law since it was created under president clinton back in 1993. after a series of investigations, a current and former city official of an la suburb have been arrested. now, they're accused of taking massive salaries and obtaining illegal personal loans. the former city manager was making almost $800,000 a year resigned. his assistant was making 376,000
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while current and former council members who worked part-time made $100,000 a year. at a time when immigration is one of the nation's most hotly contested issues, a member of the president's own family is fanning the flames. >> president obama's aunt, his late father's half sister has been living in this country for years illegally and getting government benefits in boston. >> she spoke with jonathan elliott in her first television interview that you'll only see on 9. >> if i come, iman immigrant. you have -- i am an immigrant. you have the obligation to make me a citizen. >> this is president obama's aunt, a woman many say is the poster child of our broken immigration system. we only found out about her back in 2008. it was the weekend before the november election. democratic presidential senator barack obama started getting questions about his aunt. an illegal immigrant living in
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public housing in boston. >> you're here illegally and he is running for the president of the united states? >> obama did not know my whereabouts. >> reporter: for the first time, she is setting the record straight sitting down with me for this interview. >> she had come to the united states in 2,000 and says she had every intention of going back to kenya. but she says she got sick and spent time in a hospital and nearly died. she became political foder intended to hurt her nephew. she became a focal point of argument. >> i have been treated like public enemy number one. >> reporter: in 2004, she was ordered out of the country by an immigration judge. she didn't leave. >> did you know that you were staying in this country illegally? >> i knew i had to stay. >> reporter: she says once she got out of the hospital she lived in a homeless shelter for nearly two years and then was assigned public housing despite
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thousands of legal residents also waiting for that kind of assistance. how do you respond to those families that would say why is she getting anything? >> let me tell you, i don't mind. you can take that house. i can live and be on the streets with homeless people. i didn't ask for it. they give it to me. and you better just ask the system, ask your system how do you create the system? >> once again, that was jonathan a lias reporting. she has hired a high price, high profile attorney to handle that immigration case. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. not as cool overnight. now, we'll take you out with your wakeup weather and consequently not quite as cool in the morning. maybe a sweater for the kids. by 8:00 lots of sunshine. 58-68. a little bit of a breeze. that's a warm breeze. we'll come back and talk about fall arriving with a touch of summer.
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still ahead tonight, she's a young woman, active, healthy and suffering. >> it gets worse and worse every year. >> she cries tears of blood. and doctors can't explain it. >> it's a medical mystery. that's coming up. i'm done with all these lists. and driving all over town. i want one list. for one store. [ female announcer ] at safeway, you get it all.
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great quality and great prices. so you just need a safeway list. [ male announcer ] with thousands of everyday low prices you'll save all over the store. [ female announcer ] with club card specials like honey bunches of oats just 2 for $5 and ovenjoy round top breads only 89 cents. [ male announcer ] quality and low prices. so there's one stop for everything. [ female announcer ] at safeway, that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. more troubling news tonight about the arlington national cemetery. the washington post reports all
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the mix up with the remains of the veterans worse than we first thought. it reports that at least on one occasion a plot was marked with a headstone but with no remains buried underneath. and then there is another case where a plot contained a body but had the wrong headstone. two officials with the cemetery have stepped down since the news of the mix up surfaced earlier this year. tonight charges against a driver accused of hitting two women on the street just got more serious as one of those victims just passed away. police say back on september 8th, he slammed into the women just before the car careened into the side of a restaurant. one of those women succumbed to her injuries today and now adams faces charges of involuntary manslaughter along with dwi. tonight a medical mystery that has plagued one woman from maryland for years. it doesn't threaten her health but causes a condition that can be down right frightening.
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in fact, some of the pictures we show you can be disturbing. literally, tears of blood. she is an active 20-year-old playing competetive hockey with both men and women. hitting the rink can be dangerous. but the blood that makes ser sit out isn't from -- her sit out isn't from action in the game. >> it's blood. i just wipe it off. i have a towel on the bench like every game. and by the end of the game, it's usually filled up. >> reporter: it comes from amy's eyes. she's been bleeding tears for six years. >> i can just see going to the movies at the mall with friends and it will just start coming out. >> reporter: and experts can't seem to figure out why. >> it's still sort of a mystery. >> reporter: the most common cause of blood stained tears is a bunion growth inside the tear sac. that is what they thought was causing amy's problem. >> the eye is like a bathtub. there is a faucet in the drain. if you have a blockage in your tear sac, you tear.
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or if you have a growth that could bleed, you would have backup of the blood into the tear sac and you would be having bloody tears. >> reporter: but during surgery, no blockages were found. and doctors have only been able to halt the flow temporarily. >> after the surgery, it would stop. everything would go good and i would go back to playing sports and go back to my life. and then every year it seems like it would start up again. and it gets worse and worse every year. >> reporter: other possible culprits range from cancer to heme feel ya, but all of those have been ruled out. she has tested negative for a rare genetic disorder that can cause bloody tears. now she is desperate for relief. >> i want to get it fixed. >> as we can all imagine. shortly after her eye started bleeding again. tomorrow morning at 6:12 a.m., we take a look at the next treatment in line for her as she strives for a normal life.
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>> all right. is that blood coming out of her eye. >> she knows that is when the bleeding is going to start. >> does it go on for a long period of time? >> when she has these episodes, each one is a few seconds but it can happen several times during the day and, again, she doesn't have any control over that. you can imagine how debilitating that would be in your life. >> not only that, people seeing you. >> so they're trying to find a new solution. they're going to talk about that tomorrow morning that will keep that from coming out. >> all right. thanks. >> uh-huh. well, to tulsa, oklahoma and a bizarre end to a search for a missing girl. a friend of the girl's dad took the child out of her elementary school but police found her later on safe and sound with her dad. but then the father ran to a railroad bridge and kept police in a standoff for two hours. that ended when he jumped into the river. police quickly fished him out. it turns out the dad had several outstanding warrants. and in massachusetts, the priest is getting his wheels
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back after a heartless thief drove off with the station wagon during a funeral mass. now, investigators say the thief actually sort of snuck into the church over the weekend while the priest was busy comforting the bereaved. he found the car keys and swiped the clergy men's subaru. they were able to track down the car to new hampshire. they also found and arrested mr. nice guy. and if drink specials are your things, there is a dooz ee of one down at a bar in texas, but it comes with a big of a problem. >> that's right. they have something called ww bens. it's raising some -- wb wednesday. it's raising some eyebrows. >> i happened to be eating and asked them what exactly is wb wednesdays. and almost immediately like there was nothing wrong with it was like, oh, it's wet back wednesday. >> the term is not meant to be a racial slur. not meant to be derogatory and she has no plans to stop using it. police in the nation of
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columbia have arrested a parrot. the charge aiding an a betting drug trafficking. yes, that parrot is speaking spanish alerting owners that police are coming. it turns out drug smugglers in columbia often train parrots to act as lookouts. animal control officials say police have turned over a thousand birds trained as these lookouts. >> i had no idea they were that smart. salad eater take note, a new restaurant called sweet green opening soon and this friday they'll be open from lunch but only from noon-4:00. if you want more details, just go to find your community in the where you live section and publish what is happening in your neighborhood. you have a story or news tip, contact us and be part of the news team. the question is, is that groovy music playing. >> topper was distracting me
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with his dancing. >> that was something. i wish you all could have seen it. >> no, you really don't. >> i happen to be a fan of sweet dreams, by the way. >> it's good stuff. >> good stuff. >> we're looking at a little touch of summer. not a huge deal. but we have a little better chance of showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. here is the forecast, next three days, 88 tomorrow. then probably 90 on thursday and friday. so our first full two days of fall will be more like summer. isolated storm possible tom. again, on thursday. -- possible tomorrow. again on thursday. maybe late friday night, although that is looking less and less likely. we'll break down tomorrow. let's say you're coming in eastbound on 66 or part of the beltway, you'll need your shades. sunshine to start. 68. not as chilly as this morning. we were in the 40s and 50s this morning. tomorrow morning 50s and 60s. almost 80 by lunch time. partly cloudy. and then upper 80s by evening. much warmer. again, a slight chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. for tonight, overnight clear and not as chilly. 56 to about 64. and these south, southwest winds at 10-15 will keep us a little
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bit milder. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny, breezy and pleasant. 50s and 60s as opposed to our 40s and 50s this morning. and winds still southwest 10-15. and by afternoon, very nice day. partly cloudy. breezy and warmer. a shower or thunderstorm possible. high temps in the upper 80s. and winds out of the south at about 10-15. so breezes pretty much all day and small craft advisory for bay and tidal potomac for tomorrow. satellite picture, radar combined, can you pick out where the front is? i knew you could. lot of showers and thunderstorms from detroit through chicago. this looks pretty promising and a chance that some of these could break off and get in here tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, perhaps during the commute. we'll keep you posted on that. in the meantime tonight, we are clear. and a little bit milder. all right. next seven days, upper 80s tomorrow. maybe a thunderstorm. 90 on thursday. 90 on friday. a couple of showers possible. cooler on saturday. we're back into the low 80s. and then upper 70s on sunday. maybe a sprinkle.
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80 on monday. and another pretty decent chance, probably the best chance over the next seven days of showers and thunderstorms on tuesday with highs holding in the upper 70s. >> 90s. >> a couple of 90s. >> thanks. >> all right. if you are big, fast, and can carry a football, i hear they have an opening at redskins park. >> because larry johnson was none of those things so he's getting a bus ticket today. larry johnson's redskins career lasted five carries. the former pro bowler cut by the skins tonight. we will tell you why. plus now i know why hockey shifts only last 45 seconds. my caps training camp experience. 9 sports coming up. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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[car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> vincent gray won the primary
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for mayor, but after 425 passing yards if he ran against mcnabb, i would not bet on gray. mcnabb and the passing game were the bright spot. the run game not so much. clinton portis ran for just 33 yards against the texans and the redskins as a team had just 18 net yards rushing. this after they managed just 89 yards on the ground against the cowboys in week one and all of a sudden this team that used to pryed it self on a dominant run game has hit the brick wall. >> we're still learning the offense. i'm sure that eventually everything will break out with the running game and it's going to make the passing game even more dangerous. >> our running game wasn't there, but it didn't have to be. any time we're averaging 7.5 yards per play and you don't turn the football over, usually you should find a way to win a football game and unfortunately we didn't. >> no, they didn't. one thing we do know is larry johnson won't be the solution to the run game problem. he was cut today. johnson had two yards on five carries minus ten on that one.
11:25 pm
he is done. skins were off today but donovan mcnabb spent the afternoon hosting over a thousand kids at fedex field for a virtual workout session using the high def monitors there. the qb continues his mission to fight childhood obesity. 12 days from now the redskins will play the eagles and it appears michael vicks will be phillies quarterback when they do. andy reid reversing himself declaring that vick will be the starter against the jaings this sunday jags this sunday. john lannan in deep trouble in the first. a few run shots. they scored three in the first. but the bleeding stopped there and the nats are coming back. pudge puts a coat on that hanger. 2-run shot off the pole ties the game at three. about 20 minutes later in the same inning, zimmerman slaps it
11:26 pm
to right. 85th rbi for zim. nats slapped a four-game slide. they win the game 8-4. the o's at fenway park. they beat the sox last night and they did it again tonight. tied at one in the 7th. opposite field fading right around the old pole. 3-run shot. o's take the game 9-1. if the nfl is serious about shortening training camp, they should take a cue from the nhl. the caps just opened their cap on saturday and already tomorrow is the pre-season opener and the regular season starts in two weeks. that is the kind of efficiency we like. among those not playing tomorrow night in columbus, me. the caps held their annual media game after practice today. i didn't score. on the other hand, i wasn't hospitalized either. [ laughing ] >> i was looking for somebody to fight with, but there was nobody there. >> i see that. >> this is good news, but i didn't go to the hospital, which is probably better than they connected when he gave me my -- they expected when he gave me my jersey. >> are you not concerned i'm
11:27 pm
going to disgrace these glorious colors. >> sorry we didn't put a name and number on it. >> he's no dummy. he knows. now, finally tonight, this is from the high school game between yorktown and mad san over the weekend. -- madison over the weekend. mick quire, watch the gold post. you see, that gold post has now been offered a scholarship at texas tech because that thing tackles better than players. >> i think he was auditioning on the good, bad and ugly. >> some guys are trying to be in it. >> they're willing to inflict pain to be on tv. >> better than being hit by a baseball. >> we're going to stop that discussion. we'll be right back. america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs.
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wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job, and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
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